Identify Your Obstacles

To experience a successful closing be prepared to mitigate the buyers concerns by understanding that they are going to be naturally skeptical and perhaps even coming across as suspicious. They are trying to mitigate risk! Hopefully your advisor has done their job and identified some of the obstacles and assisted in developing a plan to […]

Differences Between Business Brokers and M&A Advisors

So, after careful consideration and planning you think the time is right to sell your business. A friend or associate has recommended a professional they know of and you are going to interview them for the job. Your goal is to get the best possible representation. While some business brokers do a great job servicing […]

Arizona’s Economy Back on the Beat

The Arizona economy continued to churn out solid gains through the first half of 2023. Jobs, wages, and sales all increased, although at a somewhat slower pace than earlier in the pandemic recovery, and the unemployment rate remained very low. Arizona jobs were essentially back on their pre-pandemic trend, if we take that trend to […]

International Business Brokers Association “Market Pulse Report” Q2 2023

The International Business Brokers Association / M&A Source has just released their “Market Pulse” survey for Q2 2023. This national survey was conducted with the intent of providing a valuable resource to business owners and their advisors. This survey was conducted to gain an accurate understanding of market conditions for businesses being sold in the […]

Performing Small Businesses Standout in a Difficult Market

If you own a business that is “holding its own” or “excelling” in this difficult environment, you may be in the proverbial “Catbird Seat”. We are seeing pent-up demand from both private equity and financial buyers who have capital that they need to deploy for acquisitions. They are aggressively competing for the select few businesses […]

Our Ugly Secret….80% of businesses on the market DON’T SELL!

We, in the M&A world call it the 80% rule. 80% of buyers never buy anything and 80% of businesses on the market don’t sell. Through my professional experience of 25 years and observations within the industry I must conclude that this rule of thumb is accurate! I believe that there are many factors at […]

Embrace Due Diligence

Hello! Most sellers and the typical broker, dreads the due diligence phase.  To achieve a successful transaction, you must endure due diligence, so you might as well embrace it.  So, you’ve received an offer and a successful closing is just around the corner – if you have adequately prepared and handle due diligence appropriately the […]

Secrets of the Sale (A Practical Guide for Sellers)

Before Meeting with Broker You Should … Write down your goals for the sale. Know what you must net from the sale. Review everything you’re selling. Is it organized?  Working?  Does it look good?  Is it necessary? Is it clean? Fix things that must be fixed. Spruce up areas that have run down. Know what […]

Add Value by Creating Systems and Documenting Operations

Buyers are naturally skeptical and concerned the business will continue to operate profitably after the owner’s departure.  By systemizing and documenting your business operations and by developing second-level management, you can alleviate this obstacle. A good place to start with systems documentation is with flowcharts of your business’ overall processes with more detailed flowcharts of […]

Is the intermediary playing to your ego………Run The Other Way!

Selling a business is a complex undertaking.  A good M&A Intermediary has the knowledge and experience to manage the process, which requires ability in multiple disciplines including accounting, finance, taxes, law, business improvement, valuation, marketing, sales, interviewing, written and verbal communications, negotiations, customer service, real estate knowledge and collaboration with other professional advisors. 1)   They […]