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Size Matters & Industry Matters

Size Matters / The Industry Matters Several months ago, we were working with a client to complete a market value analysis. In addition to the conclusion of value (range), we identified several potential obstacles that if eliminated or mitigated would increase the value significantly. The client, wanting to maximize the price and her proceeds from […]

The SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

At some point in the future, you will consider selling your company. Before you arrive at that moment consider increasing the enterprise value of your company NOW by performing a SWOT analysis and make important improvements. Here are some of the key questions to ask yourself. Concentration issues – Any of your customers account for […]

Qualities to Consider in a Business Advisor

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Being an advisor representing a client’s interests regarding the sale of their business requires many different skills. All of us who call ourselves “advisors” have varying strengths and weaknesses when it comes to these required skills. For example, many advisors have strong sales skills but weak valuation skills. Within any given transaction a successful advisor […]

Helpful Financial Ratios for Business Sellers

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As a business owner you should be preparing an exit plan that should include an analysis of the performance of your business. Every business owner wants to exit the sale of his company with as much proceeds as possible and that starts by maximizing the value. Maximizing business value is dependent on increasing profitability at […]

Our Ugly Secret….80% of businesses on the market DON’T SELL!

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We, in the M&A world call it the 80% rule. 80% of buyers never buy anything and 80% of businesses on the market don’t sell. Through my professional experience of 25 years and observations within the industry I must conclude that this rule of thumb is accurate! I believe that there are many factors at […]

Secrets of the Sale (A Practical Guide for Sellers)

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Before Meeting with Broker You Should … Write down your goals for the sale. Know what you must net from the sale. Review everything you’re selling. Is it organized?  Working?  Does it look good?  Is it necessary? Is it clean? Fix things that must be fixed. Spruce up areas that have run down. Know what […]