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The Perfect Timing to Sell

Is it the Right Time?

The perfect timing to sell your company……is there such a thing? Over the last 25 years we have experienced a few times that were very good times to take our client’s businesses to market. All of these “good times” contained some similar attributes: the target business was properly prepared (accurate records, low /no concentration, supports a healthy work/life balance, little obsolete inventory, utilized replacement reserve, vibrant branding, etc.); the target business metrics were trending positive two plus years; many Arizona economic trends were positive; a belief that interest rates were stable or headed lower; most importantly there was a motivated, committed and mentally prepared client.

You have likely heard that the Arizona business climate is “hot” (no pun intended) and more specifically the Phoenix Metro Area aka “Phoenix MSA” is thriving. Here a few of the headlines you may have recently seen:

Phoenix Inflation Lower than the Nation

Phoenix is #1 in the Nation for Active Industrial Pipeline

Local Cities on Nation’s Top Economic Growth list

Clearly some of the attributes that were present in the prior “Right Times” are with us now.

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