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Performing Small Businesses Standout in a Difficult Market

If you own a business that is “holding its own” or “excelling” in this difficult environment, you may be in the proverbial “Catbird Seat”.

We are seeing pent-up demand from both private equity and financial buyers who have capital that they need to deploy for acquisitions.

They are aggressively competing for the select few businesses that are performing in this difficult market.

Jobs, inflation, interest rates, labor markets, wage growth, declining home values all influence business acquisition activity.

If you are thinking of, bringing your company to market this should be an interesting read for you.

Consider which of the following current economic trends are affecting business acquisition activity in the Arizona market:

1.) Higher interest rates (think cost of capital) for business owners trying to leverage capital to grow their business prior to going to market.

2.) Higher interest rates (think of debt service) for business buyers trying to leverage funds (SBA, Home Equity, Other) to acquire a business.

3.) Inflation eating away at the consumer (business buyers are consumers) who sit on the sidelines to better understand where this all lands.

Arizona’s Economy in Q2 2023 still providing solid EXIT opportunities!!!

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Arizona’s Economy Walks a Fine Line

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