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Importance of the Executive Summary

Most successful M & A Intermediaries use multiple platforms to market a client’s business for sale. As you know most of us utilize various business for sale websites as the primary marketing platform along with proprietary websites, mailing lists (electronic) of qualified individual buyers, telemarketing and relationships with private equity groups (PEGS) and private investors of many types.

Most of these buyers realize that there is a vast number of businesses on the market at any given time and realize that they must develop a strategy to quickly “cull” through the vast number of possibilities.  Most, if not all will make the decision to “pass” based on one document…….the Executive Summary or Prospectus.

It is critical that the executive summary or prospectus that your representative prepares be as comprehensive, accurate, professional and brief as possible. At a minimum it should contain information regarding historical financial performance, projected financial performance, a description of the business, a history of the business, industry trends, local market trends, the transition plan and a SWOT analysis.

Make sure that your representative routinely prepares such a document for his marketing. Ask for some samples of past executive summaries that they have prepared. If they can’t provide a copy or they give you a one page profile of some kind, you may consider moving on to someone else.

At Arizona Business Sales & Acquisitions we prepare a comprehensive Executive Summary for every client we represent. They contain enough information to quickly convey to the buyer the key strengths of the business and compel the buyer to call us for more information. Call us to arrange a no pressure conversation about how we can assist you in the successful exit of your business.

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